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The cycling power meter is a measuring device that measures the power output of the rider.

The power meter tells the rider about how they push on the pedal and measures their actual output through an app or bike computer. It helps the rider to perform better by increasing distance, and speed, and knowing when to take a rest. However, most power meters in the market are very expensive, in a price range of $500 - $1500, which most cyclists cannot afford.

The power meter tells the cyclist, how much power the rider is pushing, and the heart rate tells how the body is responding to the work. Using heart rate alone can often be misleading. The heart rate can be high or low because of outside factors like caffeine intake, lack of sleep, or weather. Power meters are independent of everything else; it essentially tells you exactly how much force the rider's legs are putting into the bike.

The New Generation i-Series Models offers state-of-the-art technology which includes, improved design, an optimized algorithm, and a pneumatic system, which simplified the installation and setup process.

The i-Series Models have been developed with better performance and accuracy to meet the requirements of different cyclists, optimizing cycling performance.

The i-Series Power Meter comprises two models :

1. The i-LINK, which includes a transmitter, and cadence sensor, is compatible with most GPS Bike Computers capable of displaying Speed, Power, Cadence, and all riding data. The i-LINK is designed for novice, intermediate, and experienced cyclists. It is easy to use through simple installation, pairing, and basic setup.

2. The i-ELITE includes a GPS Bike Computer, Cadence sensor, displaying Speed, Power, Cadence, and all the riding data. 

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Riding and Sharing Cycling Data

Free APP, designed for bike riding.  Helping you to easily sync the riding data to CLOUD and STRAVA, to review all riding performance.

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i-Series vs. Other Power Meter

The Power measured by the New-Generation Power Meter (orange curve lines) is close to the Power measured by Garmin Vector 3 (blue curve lines) available in the market.

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