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AROFLY – Another success story.

AROFLY A PLUS METER - Review. In Gordon’s own words. The first item I fitted was the A-PLUS METER which comes with a nice bracket that displays all the data in an easy to read format on the handlebars of the bike. I also attached the A-PULSE to my wrist, this is a heart monitor that sends data to the A-PLUS METER (display), so that you can view your heart rate as you ride.

Finally I fitted the tiny AROFLY Power Meter to the rear wheel of my bike. I wasn't sure how it would work but its a clever device that detects the tire pressure and converts it into watts, in fact if you don't fit it correctly then the A-PLUS METER displays an onscreen warning that reads "low tire pressure" a useful little feature.

I tested all three AROFLY devices over an eighty mile club ride, I especially wanted to see how the A-PLUS METER could detect the wattage and cadence. From what I could see there was a definite correlation between the "effort I put in" against the Wattage displayed on the screen (A-PLUS METER). Going up hills I recorded 200/300/400 watts and yet this data seemed to be fairly accurate against the peddle resistance (effort), however, downhills the device recorded a zero as it should. Excellent I thought, but if this device works off tire pressure then surely it would detect holes in the road? The good news is that it didn't. Some of the roads we ride on are not too good yet the A-PLUS METER didn't appear to give any incorrect readings when riding over bad road surfaces.

Having arrived back home I uploaded the data into the "AROFLY CLOUD". I was very surprise how effective the AROFLY was, it provided a wealth of information about my ride. The GPS had mapped my ride as you would expect but it can also be automatically uploaded from the AROFLY CLOUD directly into Strava, an essential feature in my opinion. Overall, I was surprised how well the AROFLY performed, its a great unit and I would imagine especially useful for Time-Trial competitors that wish to monitor data from training rides.


Gordon Peel

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