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Feed Back in his own words - " The Power Meter is easy to use"

The AROFLY was easy to setup. Initially, there are a lot of steps to make sure settings are correct, but take your time since this is a once only effort. After that, just pair your AROFLY to its head unit and you are ready to train. The screens on the head unit are intuitive and are groups by function. So, if you want to train with POWER, just use that main screen. A quick click on the head unit will scroll through the different options within POWER. Are you interested in climbing? Go to the climbing screen and see different possible selections for looking at altitude. Once done with a ride, you have easy access to the data file and can upload this file to many different analysis packages such as Golden Cheetah, Strava, WKO and Training Peaks. When done, just hold the right button and the AROFLY head unit will zero-out the ride data. The Power Meter is easy to use. First, pump up your tires and place the AROFLY Power Meter onto the valve stem. That's all there is too it. After pairing, just go out and ride or train. For $299, the AROFLY power meter will meet most cyclists needs. Go and check it out!

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